How it works?

Operation of CVault

The CVault containers are made of food grade stainless steel. This means that the material meets high hygiene standards. The stainless steel containers are easy to clean with alcohol.

Light and air

Plants need light and air to grow. But after harvesting, light (UV radiation) and air (oxygen) affect the quality of cannabis. Storage in a container that allows light and air management optimizes a long-lasting quality of cannabis. Odour, taste, weight, structure and effect are preserved in this way.

Preservation of trichomes

Studies show a 15% higher score on maintaining trichomes (with terpenes and cannabinoids) when cannabis is stored with Boveda. Maintaining 15% more trichomes means that cannabis looks better, tastes softer, smells better, works better and of course sells better.

Operation of Boveda

The Boveda humidity management is based on the principle that salt attracts and retains moisture. Each type of product benefits from a different relative humidity. For cannabis​​​​​​​ that percentage is 62.

Two-way regulation

Boveda guarantees a 62% humidity thanks to a special salt mixture. The patented two-way membrane from Boveda in which the salt mixture is packaged allows moisture to pass through to two sides. If the relative humidity in the container exceeds 62%, the salt absorbs moisture through the membrane. If it becomes too dry inside the container, the salt will release moisture through the membrane (reverse osmosis).

Pure water vapor

Boveda's hyperfiltration membrane only allows water vapour to pass through. As a result, there are no impurities in the cannabis.