CVault + Boveda

The world's smartest curing and storage container with 2-way humidity control inside.
No thinking required!

How to store cannabis?
The way in which cannabis is stored affects the quality of these herbs. Curing and storage of cannabis in stainless steel CVault containers combined with the use of Boveda humidity packs guarantees an optimal quality product. The storage system conserves quality and prevents the herbs from losing weight and degrading.

The stainless steel CVault container is available in seven different sizes for home growers, professional cultivators, professional herb retailers, and of course for the real connoisseurs.

Food grade stainless steel

Discrete, airtight, lightweight and smell proof

Long term storage, freshness guaranteed

Conservation of trichomes, taste, smell and weight

Better taste and texture

Easy to use and sustainable

No contamination with microplastics

Hygienic, easy to clean with alcohol

Industrial quality

Mould prevention